Things To Take Care Of While Traveling To Foreign Destinations

  • passport and travelBefore leaving, scan all your visas, passport and other travel related documents. Keep a copy of it in your cell phone or your laptop which you’ll be taking along with you. Also attach all these documents in your email account and make a draft of the same. If you lose your documents overseas, this will save you from getting into a mess.
  • See if the country to which you are traveling is hit by any infectious disease. If so, take proper vaccination before leaving.
  • Leave a copy of the places which you’ll be visiting with somebody back at home. This is to ensure that people can contact you in case of emergencies.


Budget Traveling Made Easy

budget travellingAll of us wish to go on vacations to get a break from the daily grind we sometimes feel trapped in. The only constraint we face is that of limited monetary resources but budget traveling can prove to be a viable option in many cases.

Budget and travel are seen by many as two contradictory things which can never go hand-in-hand. You might think that budgetary constraints can spoil your leisure. Traveling on a budget means enjoying the desired leisure at the cheapest price possible. In order to make this happen, there are certain things which need to be followed.

• Choose the correct time of the year for traveling. Depending upon your destination, choose that time of the year when there aren’t too many tourists. This will make most of the facilities such as the hotel rooms, taxi services, air fares and traveler’s guides much cheaper for you as compared to peak seasons.


Best Ways For Setting Your Rates – Methods You Need To Find Out

How should you figure out the price for your products and services? This is something that every business person struggles with. Web and offline entrepreneurs must wrestle with this as well. It might be hard to believe, that this is not an easy decision for internet marketers. This is because there are differing viewpoints on how to handle this situation. This whole process has to be confusing because it is easy to see what type of prices customers like to see. The following tips can help you.

Make sure that when you are offering your rates, particularly if you want to offer a discount on something, that you put dates on it. This becomes helpful later when someone wants to hire you at the same rate they paid a few years ago even though your rates have gone up. You could have specific projects that have contracts stating that the rates are only one time. Special discounts should always come with an end date, specifying how long the discounts or special will be. This will keep you protected as you do business. Come and take a look at this for more info. Be certain that you know exactly what each item costs that you want to offer. This has a lot to do with how much you should sell your products. You don’t want to end up owing more than what you bring in. It is important that you remember the expenses

that go into your goods and services before you price them. You should charge at least as much as it costs you to produce your offerings as well as a little bit more to allow you some room to make a profit. This way you can afford to not just keep making your product but to be able to pay for other things that go into making your business as well.

Going up on pricing from time to time is good for business. Are you charging the same rate for your products and services now that you were charging last year and the year before that? It might be time to bump things up a little bit. You don’t have to add to your old prices. Too much could hurt the business. If the company is doing fine, then a two to five percent increase is not a bad thing. During the last year, you have learned a lot about becoming a successful entrepreneur. Your products are not more valuable. Thus, you can charge more. You can check this out for more info. There are different things to consider when pricing your product. Most businesses want to have product prices that will interest buyers, but also be enough to be profitable in the end. These suggestions will help you do just that.

Why You Should Consider International Travel Health Insurance

insurance policyPeople who regularly travel abroad or overseas due to personal or professional reasons must take a look at international travel health insurance as it provides cover for health complications, flight delays, loss of baggage and a host of other reasons. It provides various types of benefits for the insurance holders by assisting them in emergency situations. A number of insurance companies out there offer international travel health insurance with attractive premiums. Make Google your home page and browse around for a while. Taking advantage of this insurance policy could be offset against income tax for some people. Before using this insurance policy, you need to look into several aspects of the policy in order to avoid any kind of miscommunication or misunderstandings between you and the company.

Benefits of International Travel Health Insurance Policy:


  • International travel health insurance provides benefits like providing cover for any kind of medical emergencies, repatriation and evacuation.
  • It provides cover for delay of baggage, loss of baggage missing of items in airports. It also provides coverage for the loss of passport.
  • Travel insurance also provides cover for the personal accidents for receiving immediate medical attention.
  • Individuals will get coverage in case of hijack, trip delay and for some other problems that occur during the trip.
  • Primary benefit of this international travel health insurance is that it provides emergency cash advance for the insurance holders, which is an important feature.
  • In order to use the travel health insurance policy, individuals are required to get the best quote from several insurance companies. This will help them to know about the features and benefits of the insurance policy also about the tariff.

Tariff plans about premium will vary depending upon the company that provides travel health insurance. However, most companies provide tariff plans according to the age of person also according to the number of days in travel. Insurance Companies provide insurance from a minimum of 1 day to 180 days. However, the amount of coverage and tariff plans will vary depending upon the company and according to the region.

Some insurance companies also provide travel health insurance policy to the entire family for helping them in cases of medical emergency or financial emergency. Hence using this kind of insurance policy would benefit the people when they face any kind of obstacle during their trip to abroad. So, you’re advised to make a visit to the insurance company or to the office of an insurance broker to get an international travel health insurance quote for coverage.

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

The three mile long pink sand beach of Harbour Island in the Bahamas is considered to be one of the most spectacular in the world. It is a beautiful combination of salmon colored sand turquoise water at Bahamas. This pink sand is a mix of fine golden sand and pulverized coral shells and it is this reason why this beech has been named the best beach. It is an exclusive destination to visit during vacation.

pink sand beach bahamas

Pink Sands Beach really stands out from the crowd. The pink sand properly contrasts with all the wonderfully glowing blue heavens, the crystal clear blue marine environments, along with the eco-friendly palm trees. The Bahamas is surely worth a trip even when you’re certainly not intending on floating around. Unlike the other beaches, the beach on Harbor Island is much quieter and less frequent visited.

The powdery-soft mud will certainly feel wonderful beneath your feet, no matter whether you’re sitting on a beach seat or going for walks on the extensive beach front. Though the climate is warm year-round, the sand is usually cool as as i felt it under my feet. With a mask and underwater camera, you can explore the beauty of sea and many marine creatures.

There are no high rise hotels here. Just small, expensive, understated, hotels and resorts consisting mostly of private cottages, the staff remembers your name and the restaurants provide excellent food and wine.

bahamas hotel resort

Bahamas Weather:

Wet Season: From May till October (Temp. in the range of 80 to 90 degree Fahrenheit)
Dry Season: From November till April (Temp. in the range of 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit)
Hurricane Season: June till November but mostly doesn’t effect
Generally Bahamas weather doesn’t have much variance in temp. there is pleasant throughout the whole year.

Best time to travel to Bahamas:

December till March is the peak season because of the pleasant weather conditions. Hotels and resorts are on the higher side during this season as lots of tourists prefer to visit during this time frame. If you have a budget constraint avoid traveling during the peak season and go out during the off season between May till October.

My recent trip to the Bahamas was during the off season but since the Bahamas weather was pleasant as i have mentioned it made the trip enjoyable.

Top 5 Honeymoon Spots in India

1. Heaven on earth – Kashmir:

Kashmir valley is one of the most wonderful honeymoon destination on this earth; it doesn’t need any proof if a couple will visit this wonderful place once. It is full of beautiful natural landscapes, snow covered Himalaya ranges, lakes full of silvery water, fir trees, and lots more. Popular cities to visit are Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Phalgam, Gurez. You can go for some attractive online honeymoon packages to make your honeymoon more comfortable.

kashmir honeymoon destination

2. Land of love – Goa:

Goa is famous for its long stretched beaches, delicious cuisines restaurant, exciting night parties, Casino, beautiful coconut and palm trees and a trendy focal point for shopping. Ancient churches work as a main attraction for their beautiful architecture and finish. Several online travel websites are there that provide some discounted and attractive honeymoon packages for Goa and Bombay.

goa honeymoon destination

3. Land of God – Kerala:

Kerala is a perfect destination for honeymoon as per its climate and weather conditions; it is full of beautiful beaches where you couples can enjoy many adventurous water sports like kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, and water skiing. These days natural Ayurvedic Spa Treatment centers are in style and couples especially choose Kerala for their honeymoon as they feel relax and enjoy every moment of their trip with immense Ayurvedic Spa Treatment centers.

kerala honeymoon destination

4. Island Of Love – Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

It’s a wonderful romantic honeymoon destination to spend a great time together with your better-half. It’s a place with lots of greenery, fresh air without any pollution, and calm environment. It’s full of adventure for couples as they can enjoy a series of adventurous water sports, trekking and also island camping.

andaman and nicobar islands

5. Queen of hill stations – Ooty:

If you want to make your honeymoon full of excitement and romance then you must buy a attractive honeymoon package to Ooty. Ooty is famous for its Nilgiri hills, waterfalls, national parks, beautiful lakes and wonderful old British architrave.

ooty honeymoon destination

Every couple who wants to enjoy their honeymoon in India can dig out lots of online travel websites that are full of attractive honeymoon packages at affordable prices. The most attractive features of these online honeymoon packages are their classic facilities like proper accommodations with good dinning places so you can feel relax on your trip and have a exciting and thrilling honeymoon at a great honeymoon destination with your loved one.

Dubai – A Fantastic Shopping Hub

destination dubaiDubai is one of the best cities to go shopping, with fully air-conditioned malls and shops. It’s a good place either you are planning vacations with your family, friends or planning a honeymoon. So what are you looking for? If you want to do a good shopping you must consider Dubai! Most of the tourists are attracted here because they think all goods are going to be cheap as they are tax free but this is only one side of the coin. All goods are not exempted from custom duty, only the luxurious goods like Rolex are tax free so you can save a big amount if you buy such luxury goods here.

Carpets – Buy Highest Quality Carpet at Best Prices

If you love to shop for different style carpets for your beautiful home you must try Dubai as here you can dig out a great variety of carpets like Persian, Turkish, Bedouin or Kurdish Killim styles. Dubai is known for its carpets and its wide range; make sure you know how to bargain hard.

Gold – clutch unique designer jewelry

Dubai is renowned to be as a city of gold and you’ll soon see it is true if you come visit the gold suck. Gold suck has hundreds of jewelry shop together and its really wonderful to see antique and fusion designer jewelry here. The quality and variety of gold jewelry is so fine that no one can depart without purchasing some trinkets for themself or loved ones. You can find all major style of jewelry here like Indian, Arabic, Modern Italian and European style. This is why UAE is one of the largest importer of gold jewelry. Also, again, its reasonably priced to purchase gold from here as it is tax free means no Vat on the gold at UAE.


 – An exclusive exemplar of tradition

Thawb is a traditional accessory worn by men over their traditional dress know as dishdasha. You can see men wearing traditionally designed Khanjars at Al-Ain camel bazaar or else the bullfights next to Fujairah. Previously their handles were made up of rhino horn but now mostly it is made up of wood and silver. Its price depends on its work means how much work it has.

Perfume – The City of Aroma

As you know In Dubai there is no tax on luxuries so you can buy French branded perfumes cheaper than Paris but make sure the brand is bona fide. But you can go for traditional scents of Dubai known as Oud and Bukhoor. Oud is a type of wood which on burning produce some aroma oils and smells very good. Bukhoor is blend of different aroma oils which look like a small piece of coal and on burning it also release an exceptional fragrance. Al Misk is also a worth buying perfume which exactly looks like a cream but you can put in water in it and use as a spray. You must buy some perfumes to keep the whiff of Dubai in your mind and heart forever.

Bateel dates – The Taste of Dubai

Dates of Dubai are quite popular around the world for their juicy tang especially Bateel dates. Bateel has their own date farms where they grow quality dates with perfection. If you will see the Bateel’s store in Dubai it will give you a look like a jewelry shop as but when you will take a closer of it you will find decorated boxes of tasty dates there. If possible look for Agwa dates which is a delicacy to buy as agwa trees grows for a short period of time but their taste is just unforgettable.

So now pack your luggage and book an online air ticket to Dubai and enjoy some smart shopping!!!

A land of Corals – The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

andaman nicobar islandsIf you are looking for a travel destination where you can enjoy real beauty of nature then you must plan a trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It was previously used for giving punishments to offenders but now it’s one of the attractive tourist attractions of India.  Travelers who love nature prefer to visit here because of its clean and pure environment, greenery and pollution free air. The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are located in Bay of Bengal and rich with tropical rain forests that’s why it is known as home of plant, animal and marine life. According to its topography, it’s a hilly area with beautiful coconut palm trees and embedded with eye-catching beaches which are the major tourist attraction here.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are also renowned as Mini India because people of different religions, languages with different food habits and culture live here with love and peace. All Indian festivals are celebrated here with a great harmony and dedication by ll religions.

Major Islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  1. If you love snorkeling, and sea bathing than Jolly Buoy is the best island to visit here. It is located in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Here you can see a wonderful view of coral and marine life.
  2. Cinque Island is a wonderful place for lovers of SCUBA diving, swimming, fishing and Camping. Travelers can also enjoy a eye-catching view of underwater coral gardens here.
  3. Red Skin Island is also a beautiful island with stunning beaches with corals and marine life in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  4. If you are planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands and you will not visit Havelock Island than your trip is not a complete journey to Andaman and Nicobar Islands as it’s the best place for camping and you can stay at “Dolphin Resort” a guesthouse of Tourism Department
  5. Barren Island, popular as the land of volcano and about 135 km away from Port Blair, is the only destination with active volcano in India. You if you have not ever seen an active volcano you must visit here to enjoy the real excitement and thrill.
Have a fun with Adventurous Sports
  1. If you want to avail the real excitement of this wonderful place you must visit at Andaman Water Sports Complex to enjoy wonderful and exciting aqua-sport facilities like Speed Boats, Water-skiing, and Windsurfing, Sail boats and more. It has a sea swimming pool with a changing room s you can enjoy here with your family and friends. If you are with your kids, then its real time to fun for kids as there is an Amusement Park and a children traffic park to spend a memorable time with kids.
  2. You can get pleasure from the marine life and under water corals deposits in all major islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands from morning to evening but also consider the weather conditions of the island which you are going to visit.
  3. Camping is the most adventurous part of any trip and it is the one of the best place to enjoy camping. Nature lovers can enjoy the real beauty of this beautiful island by arranging a proper camping. Travelers can hire tents and other camping gears at reasonable prices.
  4. Tourists can avail a breathtaking sight of marine life by SCUBA DIVING in Andaman waters and enjoy a rear view of colorful and beautiful fishes of different breeds; also they can see mysterious remains of sunken ships in real life here.
  5. Travelers who love hiking then you must not be disappointed while visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands as it is full of exciting trekking spots from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban where they can enjoy a real fun of trekking.

Travel To Iceland – Land Of Ice And Fire

Iceland icebergsWhen we think of word Iceland, the first thing which comes in our mind, it is a land of ice but actually not, it is a land of ice and fire. It is a land of mid night sun. It is one of the most popular destinations in the Europe. It is a blanket of white  . It is a good place for adventure seekers. . It is unique place with hot spot of volcanoes. It is one of the safest countries where crime does not exist.

The main destinations  are divided into five main categories:

Northern part:

It is a land of huge fjords and valleys.  It is one of the best tourist’s spots and an excellent place for spending their time. . It is land of mid night sun. The best places are-Myvatn, The Arctic Circle, Laugafell, The Botanical Garden, Dettifoss waterfall and Godafoss waterfall. River Myvatn is one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the Iceland. It has great species of ducks than any other place in the Europe.

Southern part:

It is a land of twin delights of nature and beauty. It is a centerpiece and masterpiece land. It is an interesting place with a wide variety of birds and shores. The main attractive places  are- Jokulasarlon, Gullfoss, Geyser, Landmannalaugar,Thingvellir,Thorsmork and Hekla. The main picturesque attractive places are   Jokulasarlon, Gullfoss and geyser. Jokulasarlon, Gullfoss and geyser forms a Golden Circle with vast glacial waterfalls and jetty glaciers.

Western part :

It is rich variety of nature, history and culture. The best unique places are Hraunfossar with  rocks and  lava field; Glymur, Iceland´s highest waterfall; and Víðgelmir, one of the world´s largest lava caves. Mystical Snæfellsjökull which isthe newest national park. You can enjoy wonderful cruises from Stykkishólmur to Breiðafjörður.

Eastern part:

It is a place with the awesome presence of Vatnajökull, Europe´s largest glacier, and its breathtaking mountains and valleys, deserts and woodlands  . Höfn´s Glacier Centre gives fascinating insights of glaciers, Skaftafell National Park with greeny and dark mountains.

West fjords:

It is place totally different from Western part. It is both breathtakingly raw and amazingly rich in vegetation Dynjandi waterfall spreading in steps down the mountainside, and the bird-lovers´ paradise of Vigur, a tiny island where time seems to stand still makes this place fantastic. And other main attractive place is Latrabjarg, the famous place with bird-cliff.

Reykjavik area:

It is capital and the largest city of Iceland. The cleanest cities in the Western world and also called Europe‘s hottest capital. It is a beautiful place to visit. It is a place with the qualities of a modern, forward-looking society is complemented by a close connection to the beautiful and unspoiled nature in the city´s vicinity.  The night of city is fantastic.